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Uncle Nick's Sandwiches and Soups

Mar 7

We offer a fast and efficient drive-thru restaurant for those in need of fast food. Our staff members are equipped to provide a variety of catering options for events in Belleville IL. The most frequent catering options is occasions for business or social gatherings which require quick meals without needing to plan too far ahead. We'll be able to help you put together some options from our menu of deli items.

It is possible to entertain guests at any event with our fresh and delicious sandwiches, soups, and salads. Maybe you've had trouble finding a caterer and you are now looking for something last-minute to help make your event successful. Don't worry, we can help you. Our choices will give you a wide variety of options for a quick and easy meal with our catering Belleville IL team.


If you have plans to host a larger gathering or want something different that our usual deli selections we would love to hear from you. We have a broad selection of choices for your special occasions!


Caterer in Belleville IL Providing Boxed Lunches For Special Events


We've been getting many inquiries regarding boxed lunches that we can provide for special events for meetings that are happening in the area. We have received many inquiries from businesses asking us to deliver a simple box of lunches for up to 15 participants for their meeting. The majority of these meetings happen at the last minute or they initially planned to work with another catering company located in Belleville IL. Uncle Nick's is able to assist with last-minute lunch preparations for meetings and other events.


We can cater to any event of any size or. We can deliver Boxed Lunches to any number of individuals regardless of the size or scope of your gathering. We'll make and deliver your order at the exact time you have specified. You will need to supply us with details of the sandwiches you'd like us to make. Be sure to check out our menu for lots of options to pack your lunches.


Yes, we are an event caterer located in Belleville IL that specializes in offering quick and efficient options for your events. We also have an experienced and skilled chef in the family who can offer unique and special catering options for big events such as weddings, corporate and other events. If you have special or unique requirements, we are able to help you organize your event. Weddings, large events or corporate events can take longer to prepare for, but we will make every effort to ensure it runs smoothly.  Learn More:


Restaurants Near Belleville IL


We are only one of the many restaurants located in Belleville, Illinois. It isn't always easy to locate us. We are located close to the junction of Highway 15 & S. Illinois Street. S. Illinois Street is often referred to as 159 by many people in the area. When you inform people in the area that we are near the intersection of 159 and 15, it will be much easier to explain the situation to others. Our building's entrance is just north of 15 and is on the east side. There is a Denny's next door and is easily visible from both roads. We are not only an easy option for dining near Belleville IL, but we can also be a sit-down spot as well.


Our prices are very reasonable. There isn't an authentic pastrami meal as delicious as ours for a cheaper price. If you are looking for a cheap choice for your dinner look no further than Uncle Nick's Deli! Our sandwich team is prepared to serve some of the most delicious cold or hot sandwiches you've ever eaten. Our soup menu changes frequently and if you're a big fan of sandwiches and soups, then you should stop by and give us a try.

Uncle Nick’s
Address:  1140 S Illinois St, Belleville, IL 62220
Phone:  618-416-8655

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