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Problems caused by leaky commercial roofs

Apr 27

Problems caused by leaky commercial roofs

Commercial roofing companies are the best option for roof leak repair services in Lawrenceville. Your roof is essential to your business and tenants. Georgia commercial roofing should solve any roof leak problems you have. Small holes can quickly become large open spaces for water penetration into commercial buildings. If the leak isn't addressed promptly, it will lead to costly repairs. Your tenant's satisfaction is paramount, regardless of whether you are operating a retail or residential space. Let's examine the most common problems associated with commercial roofing systems.

7 issues that result from commercial roof leaks

Mildew, Mould Growth

Water is, without doubt, the greatest threat to any roof. But there are other threats. If water enters a roofing system without drying, it will cause mould and mildew to grow which can lead to respiratory problems. Mold growth will be supported by the roof leak, which is a petri-dish. The mould needs three things to thrive: water, food, and air. The peak is the source of water. Indoor conditions are what provide the air mold needs. Any substance, from carpet to wallpaper, will be the ideal host for mould growth.

Wood Rot

Wood rot is caused by water and mould pressure. Wood rot is a problem that compromises the wood's structural integrity, making it susceptible to falling apart. It is impossible to repair damage caused by wood rot. To ensure structural integrity, you will need to remove all trusses from the roof.

Isolation damaged

If your roof leak is present, it puts your insulation at serious risk. It works as follows: Water rains on insulation and causes the insulation to lose heat. Your insulation may not be performing as it should once the air pockets have become flattened. A complete insulation replacement is necessary to stop heat loss and skyrocketing utility bills.

Fire Hazards

Oil and water are not compatible. Water can also be mixed with electricity. If water seeps through the roofing, it will reach the wiring that will power your building. Once that happens, the exposed wiring will ignite the fire.

Slip Hazards

Water must escape from your roof if it leaks. Water that has leaked into your property will eventually cause puddles to form on the floor. This is the source of the danger. Slipping and falling on untreated water floors can result in injury and lost work hours for workers. This could also cause a disruption to the quality of life that tenants have in their buildings.

Roof's Integrity is Guaranteed

Even the strongest commercial roofing is vulnerable to water. Water can cause many problems. For example, think about the foundation of your building. Water flows down your building and meets your foundation, causing damage. Foundation repairs for commercial buildings can easily run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars, not to mention structural problems that a wobbly foundation causes for the commercial structure that resides upon it.

Energy inefficiency

This article was about insulation and how to reduce heat transfer. You will pay more for utility bills if you use more energy. Additionally, it can feel like you're heating the whole outside. That is one thing you should consider when looking at energy efficiency. You are using more energy than you actually need. This causes climate change because of the release of fossil fuel gas into our atmosphere.

Top Roofers Lawrenceville Can Help Mitigate Problems

Top Roofers Lawrenceville will provide a comprehensive roof inspection to detect water discoloration in your ceiling or upper areas of your roofing system. We will quickly identify the areas where water is entering commercial buildings and provide solutions without causing any disruption to your tenants or businesses. We can solve any roof leak. We are well-respected in the Greater Georgia Area for our expertise. Top Roofers Lawrenceville has the best-trained professionals to solve your roofing problems. To get a detailed estimate for your problem, please complete the estimate. Top Roofers Lawrenceville is available to assist you if you have urgent issues.


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