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5 Reasons To Have A Commercial Roof Inspection

Jul 17

Your business is your lifeline. It's fine to work hard in the office, however, you must take care of the building as well. A roof that is damaged could cause problems in the area where you work, as well. It is crucial to have your commercial roof inspected. The roof could be damaged through weather, but it's only one reason. Here are five.

There are a few reasons why your Commercial Roof Should Be Inspected

You have plenty to worry about, let the pros be concerned about the roof.

Recent Storm Causes Damage

The heavy rains, snowfalls lightning strikes, any other severe weather you may encounter can cause a lot of damage to your roof. Repair the roof damaged by storms repair in Kansas City right after the storm.

If there's any damage there is a problem, rest assured that it will be repaired and will not cause further damage. Water and moisture can really create a lot of problems.


Even though it might not look as if there was any damage, a professional storm damage Kansas City will know exactly what to look for. Pools of water sitting do not always disappear and sometimes, they get infiltrating by the roof.


Regular maintenance and cleaning

The roof's maintenance, vents, the drains and gutters clean are all part of keeping your roof in good shape. There's a chance to accumulate an abundance of garbage, debris as well as animals and other items that winds up over time. Regular maintenance is essential, there's no doubt.


The drains must be cleared essential to ensure there aren't any blockages that could result in further harm. The drainpipes as well as the gutters take a beating all year.

If trees are present or other types of plants close to the roof, they can either break off and cause damage, or be able to attach themselves to the structure and roof.


The roots that grow under tiles or shingles can take over quickly, lifting up the surface, and compromising the insulation and roof.


Leak Assessment

Water leaks can happen from any place. Most likely, when the water reaches you, it's already caused serious damage.


Don't wait for buckets to accumulate before you tackle the issue. Find them before you need the bucket. It is important to contact the roofing contractor in Kansas if water seeps through the roof insulation.



There's every single thing that can be repaired on your commercial roof. They are often more exposed than residential roofs. They could be left exposed to severe weather conditions, beating temperature drops and heatwaves.

It is essential to maintain your roof in good order so that it lasts longer. It is crucial to make repairs as quickly as possible if you have an insurance policy. These could lead to other issues that are not covered by the warranty.



James Bond is not the only person who has gained access to your property through the roof. Thieves are attracted by large vents, holes, and broken vents, as well as the easily accessible areas.

Leaks inside the building could cause electrical shorts to the system. This isn't ideal from a security perspective. A skylight that is broken can be accessed without much force.

Trust The Professionals

Commercial roof inspections should be scheduled at least every other year. If your structure is particularly exposed or vulnerable it is recommended to schedule inspections more often. Early detection and prevention are the best way to prolong the lifespan of your roof.

Storm Contracting is a roofing firm that provides Kansas City and the surrounding areas. Roof repairs, installations, and free assessments. We are able to handle all kinds of roofing materials.

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