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Dec 9



Smart shopping and making the right decisions are key to choosing the right windows for you home.
 The decisions don't stop after you select your window style. Without proper installation, even a high-quality window can still produce subpar results.

Inexperienced or shoddy installation, high fees than anticipated and delayed timelines are all common. It can happen if you aren't careful. Ask your window installers three questions to make sure you get the best value for your money.

Window Installation Price

It seems intuitive. It is important to remember that there are some fees you need to pay before you begin the installation process.

1. Is there an estimate fee?

Ask your installer whether they charge extra for a consultation or an estimate. It is not a deal-breaker if they charge for an estimate or consultation. But it is something to consider in the larger picture. Get a complimentary in-home consultation if you contact your local Pella showroom.

2. Are you able to handle trim work?

Make sure to check with the contractor whether they offer interior and exterior trim and finishes as an option in their installation packages. Some contractors will add this service as an extra, while others won't. You need to determine if you will need someone to do the task or if you can spend the weekend working on it yourself.

3. What are the payment terms

Ask about the payment terms of the contractor. Are you required to pay upfront, or after the project is completed? What payment method do they accept? It may seem like a minor detail at the beginning of a project but it can save you a lot of headaches later.

Experience in Professional Window Installation

builder putting in new windows in a houseAsking your window installer about their previous experience is a good idea. It is important to determine if the team you are paying for has years of experience, hundreds of windows replaced and someone who is just starting out.

1. Which certifications and experience do you have?

A higher rate may be justified by experience. You can expect to pay more for years of experience and references from the top window replacement companies. Ask about the individual experiences of each member of your installation team if they are not from the same company.

Experience can also be a sign of certification. Pella and other window manufacturer certifications are given to contractors who have demonstrated the ability to do the job. A contractor might only be certified for one brand of windows. You can be sure that all members of your project are certified when you work with a Pella team.

2. Do you have any examples of past work?

If possible, ask to see previous work samples. Examples of past projects should be available to qualified installation contractors. Ask to see the project if you are evaluating an installer through a neighbor or friend.

You can do some research on the installer to verify their claims. You can find reviews on online review sites such as Yelp and Angie's List that have been written by past customers. You might find several reviews if the business is larger.

3. Who will be present at the installation?

It is important to know exactly who will be installing the equipment. Subcontractors or contractors will be used by contractors. Ask questions about the crew members assigned to your installation. Are you speaking to the salesperson or the person who will be actually doing the work? It is important to find out if the crew that will be working at your house has the skills and expertise you expect.


Window Replacement Project Schedule

You'll need to have a clear understanding of the timeline and how it will be completed in order to keep installation day not turning into installation week.

1. What is the average time it takes to install a window?

It takes longer to install a whole home window than it does to replace a single one. Before you start, make sure your contractor understands the scope of the project and has a detailed timeline.

Window installers that give too vague estimates about the time frame should be avoided. This is especially important for larger projects as a poorly designed window installation can cause major disruptions to your home.

2. What does the weather do to your timeline?

There are many factors that can affect your project, but the most important is weather. Ask your window installer whether they are able to work in adverse weather conditions and if it could delay your project. You might have other projects lined-up so it could delay your window replacement.

3. How can you protect my home during installation?

Window installation projects can get messy and cleanup takes time. Ask questions about your window installation concerns . For example, how the crew protects your home and whether they clean up after themselves.


What to expect when you work with a Pella Installation Expert

1. Take care when preparing.

brand new windows in homeYour installation team will greet you upon arrival.

  • Park where you are most convenient.
  • Display clearly your Pella identification
  • Discuss the installation plan with your partner.
  • Drop cloths can be used to cover their work space.

2. Expert installation.

Using Pella's exclusive installation methods,
Your replacement team will:

  • Get your doors and windows installed in
    You can do almost anything in any weather.
  • Keep your employees in the same area as you work.
    You will experience minimal disruption to your home.
  • Throughout the day, keep you informed about the status of your job.

3. Careful cleaning.

Your team will go above and beyond to protect your home.

  • Clean up after yourself, leaving the work area cleaner than when they arrived.
  • Moving out your old windows.
  • We will show you how to operate your new doors and windows.
  • You can finish your job in as little time as one day in most cases so that you can enjoy your new view sooner than expected.



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