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OSRS Lizardman Shaman Guide - Everything You Need To Know

May 20

I'm here to share with you my OSRS Lizardman Shaman Guide. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the lizardman shaman in OSRS including their stats and abilities. I hope this helps!

What are Lizard Shamans in OSRS?

The Lizardman Shamans are reptiles who have way more strength than their normal counterparts. So what's the main reason we want to kill them? Well, they drop a dragon Warhammer which is worth it because it's one of those rare OSRS items. Here’s how you can take one down in no time at all.

OSRS Lizard Shaman Strategy

When it comes to killing Lizard Shamans, we highly recommend that you have at least 80 attack, 60 defence, 80 strength, and 43 prayer if you plan to melee this creature. If you'd like to use range, you must have at least 80 ranged, 43 prayer, and 60 defence.

Another tip is to get one of the most important pieces you'll need which is the Shayzien Armor. Each tier 5 piece will bestow on its wearer a 20% chance to dodge Shaman's attack; which can be pretty painful, but entirely negated if one has all five armor set pieces. The power lies within each individual armoring giving their wearier a 20% chance to negate it when attacked with this specific shaman skill; and since there are only five tiers for full sets available, then that means someone who wears them would've already had 100%.

You can collect the Shayzien Tier 5 Armor by fighting and defeating warriors in a Combat Ring. There are five tiers of armor, but you must gather pieces from every tier to reach T5 - which means collecting all previous four tiers before they'll drop any more for you!

You start out at tier 1 with only one piece available, then progress through each stage as your opponents get stronger until finally reaching the coveted Tier 5 armour set.

How To Kill Lizard Shamans

The Lizardman attack with melee, ranged, and a special attack. For the melee attacks, it’s a standard attack with normal animation for that weapon type. The same goes with ranged weapons but these can also poison an opponent in addition to doing damage on impact or at specific ranges (if you use them right).

The lizard shamans have three specials which are easily their most deadly skills: acid spit is where they launch huge balls of damaging liquid straight ahead; this powerful skill does irresistible damage if not resisted by player resistance stats (plus has a chance to be poisonous).

Shamans will also use jump attacks to get the drop on you. These are best avoided by getting out of their way and running in a zigzag pattern, as this makes it difficult for them to predict your next location. Be aware that when they land, shamans can also do heavy damage with their stomp attack which is not resistible if the player is close enough (within 3x3 spaces). This means players should stay at least 4 squares away from any obstacles or walls so as avoid being attacked or knocked down.

Last but not least, there are the spawns. If you have a suspicious feeling that your spawn is being watched by an enemy shaman or if they just seem to know when and where you're going to appear next then it might be worth summoning some of these little guys for backup! The more space between them and any enemies in range, the better - otherwise their explosion can do 10 points of damage on anyone standing two spaces away from them.