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It is important to start making plans for your landscaping project early, especially if the aim is to relax in your new outdoor space all summer long. Here are some tips to make sure that your spring will be blooming with gorgeous flowers and a tidy backyard.


There are more people working from home or simply needing their own outdoor space, and not having neighbors peer through fences and into backyards professional landscaping designs can hide ugly views of your yard while also bringing order and comfort wherever they’re installed. Some homeowners might not have the same knowledge when it comes to creating outdoor landscaping, but there’s every reason you should hire the top landscapers in Mesa, Arizona.

Creative Greenaz:

CGL landscaping is a professional firm that provides custom solutions to your home’s numerous maintenance requirements. They provide services like lawn care and irrigation and cleanups during the season, as well as fertilization, and seeding, however, their main focus remains on open-space landscaping design that connects your indoors with the outside!


The company is known for its quality and professionalism in lawn maintenance and care clean-ups during the summer months, irrigation season cleanups as well as seeding fertilization.


CGL Landscaping is one of the most respected Landscapers located in Mesa Az. They provide various maintenance services. With their custom-designed service, they will assist customers in meeting their requirements. This includes creating stunning landscapes using top-quality materials, and expert advice. They work closely with customers to ensure the satisfaction of customers throughout the process.

Gold Medal Landscape

Gold Medal Landscape Management specializes in the upkeep of large shopping centers and commercial properties in Phoenix. Gold Medal Landscape Management is a business that is passionate about landscaping, with a goal to provide value to their clients since 1989.


Gold Medal Landscape Management, established 29 years ago, has been providing great service for years. Their customers consist of mainly retail businesses which have offices or locations close to major highways in Arizona such as Interstate 10 and Highway 60!

Julio Tree Care and Landscaping

Need your tree trimmed urgently? Contact Julio Tree Care and Landscaping! Their expert staff will cut trees according to the exact requirements you have set. They are also experts in pruning palms, lifting cranes by skinning (for the birds that are a nuisance), and general landscaping services such as edging/mowing lawns, seeding and the flower beds with mulch.

Julio Tree Care & Landscaping is ready to assist you with their same-day tree trimming emergency service when you need immediate help to maintain the well-being of your trees. They have more than 30 years of experience and are experts in satisfying your requirements.

Desert Root Landscaping

At Desert Root Landscaping-Landscape Design and Build, they work with you to create the outdoor space of your dreams. In collaboration throughout the design process, the team develops distinctive designs tailored to each client’s lifestyle. They’re committed to improving your life through landscaping by focusing on three areas: landscaping design and build services that are focused on creating custom plants for any shape or size yard; hardscape components including water features like fountains and ponds as well as pathways and patios made of different materials, including natural stone, concrete pavers or slabs based on what complements the aesthetics and cost best; desert plants which include cacti, succulents (e.g. air plant) trees

East Valley Land

East Valley Land is an excellent landscaping service because they have a lot of experience and are adept at a variety of things. The staff has a vast list of skills that can be used to assist you in everything from maintaining your lawn, building up stonework or paving surfaces surrounding your home. In addition, the East Valley land staff also realizes how crucial it is that they don’t be a one-trick pony. Therefore, they make sure that their crew members work well together in any circumstance whether it’s clearing away debris left by storms or helping to improve curb appeal on homes throughout San Ramon county!

Unique Landscape and Design LLC

Unique Landscape and Design LLC is a family-owned business run by Kevin, who has more than 20 years of experience in the field of landscaping. Melissa assists with designing selections, plant options, and making “wow” elements to all landscaping projects. They try to make every landscaping unique.


Unique Landscape and Design LLC has new or upgraded designs that can be residential, commercial or both. They also provide innovative assistance by their team members, such as Melissa for your next project.

FNV Landscaping

FNV Landscaping offers landscaping services, including installation and management. We’ll keep you updated throughout the duration of your landscaping project and assist you to understand the plan so that you can provide feedback.

Patterson Homes

Patterson Homes is dedicated to offering high-quality products and excellent customer service. Whatever the size or small the task, we work hard for our clients. We take pride in everything we do. With a list of trusted suppliers and highly skilled experts in our team, you can expect only the best from us!


The service provided by Patterson homes is second to none on the list of landscapers in Mesa, Az. Whatever little or huge the task is Patterson homes will go above and beyond to help each client. They’re known for their high-quality services at a lower price. They have earned themselves a great reputation.

Patio Design Group

Our company specializes in the modernization of Scottsdale. We can turn your outdoor dream into reality through custom design and improvement, ensuring only the highest quality of each detail from beginning to end.

The materials used in the studio are made on-site by master architects and innovative designers who ensure an innovative touch for all Arizona properties and homes while still maintaining traditional elements such as natural stone accents or water features, which provide a tranquil retreat after long hours at the desk!

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