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What are the main differences between a commercial and residential roof?

Nov 3

The roofs on commercial and residential buildings share the same goal: to protect the people and property within the structures they are placed on. They have a few commonalities, however they have some distinct distinctions.

Commercial and residential roof construction

Most residential roofs are steeply sloped with asphalt, slate or cedar shake roofing. Other options for homeowners include metal shingles and tile.

Flat roofs are common in commercial, industrial, and institutional structures, and they can range from old-style built-up roofs and modified single-ply roofing. Because of their flat surface, these roofs are frequently used to set up solar panels or gardens. Since commercial roofs are typically larger than residential roofing as well as due to the heavy mechanical equipment that is typically placed on them, it is crucial to be aware.

Commercial roofs can be costlier than residential ones because of the specific equipment and tools required to ensure high-quality, secure commercial roofing maintenance and installation.

Repairs and Maintenance of the Roof for Residential or Commercial Buildings

Commercial and residential roofing firms in Rapid City require to be kept in good condition, but in different ways. Buildings that have been built up could lead to blocks and ice dams. This is the reason all property owners, particularly those near trees need to ensure their gutters are in good condition and that their downspouts remain open. The owners of structures that have downspouts which open to the ground must ensure that the their exit points are clear, to allow water to flow smoothly out of the structure. Professional roofing contractors with years of experience can remove debris from gutters and downspouts for owners of buildings who are unable to do so by themselves.

These kinds of structures require regular inspections of their roofs. You can inspect the roof of commercial buildings and note any problems. Then, contact a professional roofing company. The owners of residential properties however need to perform regular visual inspections from the ground, especially after a storm and look for damaged or missing shingles. A walk on a roof that is slanted is extremely hazardous, which is why homeowners should not step onto their roof. A skilled roofing professional will inspect the roof and carry out the required repairs to prevent injury in the future should something go wrong.


As with most residential roofing, commercial roofs must be maintained and inspected on a regular basis. Professional roofing contractors are capable of identifying any issues before they turn into serious problems. Commercial building owners should be aware of any roof mechanical equipment and make sure that the mechanical contractors working on the roof don't cause damage to the roof.


Pests are another issue building owners need to be conscious of. For instance, raccoons or squirrels are able to cause damage to any kind of roof. They're searching for ways to move up or destroy flashings, and once they are inside, they can do a lot of damage.

It is recommended to always hire an expert roofing contractor that is skilled in your specific kind of roof, no matter the type of roof you have. You will be protected from the elements by professionals who can provide you the most effective guidance and support.    

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